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Restructuring Blog...

Its been long since I have posted on this blog of mine. It really sounds a lot disgusting to readers. I am in the process of restructuring all my stuff, my blogs, websites and stuff alike.

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Blogger in Draft

Google has just invieled the draft version of some new features to come up in the blogger including uploading of videos. Check it out at

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Microsoft's Official Websites : Update

It had been long since I have blogged, busy with the role and responsibility change I went through in the past few weeks. Now, I am back to work and here I go...

The stuff Microsoft creates had always impressed me. This fascination comes from ease of use of its products and, the drag and drop behaviour of most of the functionalities. Browsing through their websites brings me to something wonderful.

I had been collecting links to Microsoft websites, and the list kept growing longer. While checking Google Account Services website, the idea sharing it with all popped up, so here is the list of links I have compiled over time,

  1. Microsoft: The official website of Microsoft.

  2. Asp.Net: A website all about ASP and ASP.NET.

  3. netFx3: Dedicated to .NET Framework 3.0

  4. VWDHosting: Free .NET 2.0 hosting service for development and testing.

  5. CodePlex: Microsoft's open source project hosting web site.

  6. GotDotNet: This paved way for

  7. A website dedicated to all online services of Microsoft namely, search, blogs, mails, etc.

  8. WindowsVista: All about the Windows Vista operating system.

  9. WindowsMarketPlace: A place to buy all Microsoft Windows stuff.

  10. MicrosoftVolumeLicensing:Provides access to licensing terms, conditions and supplemental information.

  11. A website about Microsoft Office Accounting.

  12. FlightSimulator: A website about Microsoft Flight Simulator.

  13. A website about Windows Media: music, movies, tv, radio, celebrities, games and all.

  14. A website about updating your Windows Operating System and staying up to-date.

  15. A website dedicated to the Microsoft Office product technology.

  16. A website about the Windows One Care Live service, protecting your system from viruses, worms, trozans, spywares etc.

  17. A website about gaming and fun.

  18. MicrosoftProgramGuide: Nothing to do with computer programming, it features TV programming schedules for the Windows Media Center Edition machines.

  19. Website about the gaming machine XBOX

  20. Website about Windows Media Player plugins.

  21. A legistlative action tool

  22. A website about Visual Studio and related stuff.

  23. Web Development Learning Series: Learning modules designed to leverage the Web development skills you’ve already mastered.

Let me know about other websites, if you know.

Hope this helps.

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Google Gears

Google yesterday unvieled a new technology that would help shape Web 3.0. In the times when Adobe and Microsoft are fighting to build the latest web delievery platform in the form of Flash/ Flex/ Apollo and Silverlight, Google has touched the area which no one could have imagined.

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SEO in AJAX applications

I recently attended a training on AJAX and was fiddling with it over the past weekend. In a few hours I was able to move some functionality of my website to AJAX. A thought then cropped up to completely convert my website to AJAX so that for any link or information the user doesn’t need to make a round trip ala GMail. But then, how about the integration of my website with Search Engines? How would I be able to make my site Search-Engine friendly? Would SEO (Search Engine Optimization) be the price I need to pay up for having a nice UI.

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Gmail @ 20 MB

Wooo Hooo… GMAIL has raised its attachments limit to 20 MB. This means more music, more masti and more fun. Since Google started giving out 2 GB of mail box, the attachment limit of 10MB has always been a pain. A small presentation of even 100 slides, many a times exceeds out 10MB. But now, I am sure my mailbox is gonna fill up soon.

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Server-side Password Storage

Today, almost all websites and products use some sort of Authentication mechanism to validate the users. Every application verifies the users credentials and allows him access to secured content. Keeping secured content, secure from prying eyes has always been a challenge. Lots of methodologies to encrypt sensitive information, and their subsequent storage and retrieval have been developed. These have rendered unauthorized access attacks to a minimum.

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Official: Google is expecting

A long expected thing: Google Docs & Spreadsheets is arriving in summer. Wow! Now we would able to create presentations online, store them, share them, and all that for free…. without the need to install any software. We had been expecting this addition for quite long now.

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Yahoo! Mail goes to infinity and beyond - Google's answer might not be far away

The post shows that Yahoo Mail is gonna give us infinte Email space from May 2007 onwards. You think its a sort of first: NOT REALLY!!! a portal from India, is already making available unlimited size email boxes for the past few months. Even they are not the first. another portal from India, has been giving infinte capacity for quite a long time now. And if you are thinking about what makes them possible to do so, and you are narroowing on the fact that they might not have a large user base, then you might need to think again. Being in India, I know that there is a real large population that uses RediffMail and IndiaTimes Mail.

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Nice online photo editing application

I am fond of reading … reading just about anything.. and something that interests me finds a unique importance. I usually devote an hour browsing websites that come of great help to me… and one of such sites in definitely Google Code. It contains a plethora of information and many a times exposes me to web applications that come in very handy at times.

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Orkut & my friends

I recently discovered that a Google Map of Orkut friends aka Friend's Map could be viewed when online. Ya… i know I sound dumb for the feature has been present there on Orkut since Sep 2006, but it isn’t really my fault. As per Google, when the feature is enabled a user gets a new feature notification. But, in my case it never happened.

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Coming soon: New features on Orkut

Just found a list of new features the Orkut team is currently working

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Search for a Blogger 3.0 theme

I had been looking for a cleaner Blogger theme in the open-domain. A search on Google fetched me millions of results. I just tic-tac-toed and clicked on a few. A hell lot of templates were available. But they all had their own pro’s and con’s. For me the two things that were disappointing were:

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Microsoft's philanthropic act, again!

Microsoft has agreed to donate funds to two charity organizations when people use Windows Live Search to search for data. This is something they should have started well before. But its not too late ever.

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Google acquires AdScape

Wow! Thats what I can say about this acquisition. So very soon we will have games for free, and that too some really simple and cool games. I am looking forward to what they are gonna offer. Very little to say at this point, but what I surely believe is that Microsoft has stiff competition from the number-cruching company that is making the computing world a better place to be in.

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Give to with every search

Please help and support It would help refugee children with in their educational buildup. For every search you make using the Windows Live Search, Microsoft is going to contribute to this UN effort.

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