I am fond of reading … reading just about anything.. and something that interests me finds a unique importance. I usually devote an hour browsing websites that come of great help to me… and one of such sites in definitely Google Code. It contains a plethora of information and many a times exposes me to web applications that come in very handy at times.

It was today in the day, that I found this website PICNIK, quite an unusual name to what it does. The User Interface is almost stunning and the features amazing. It is an online photo editing software, with features like contrast adjustment, borders, rotation, cropping, color-combinations, red-eye reduction, sharpening, various picture effects. In addition, its support for acquisition of photos from various sources like Flickr, Picasa Web Albums, your hard disk, from web, Yahoo Search, Flickr Search, and above all the Webcam is absolutely mind-blowing.

I tried with the sample snaps, and with its power was so impressed that added it to my bookmarks list. Try it out yourself and I am sure you are gonna do the same.

PICNIK rocks… guys……..

PS: The image above and the previous post “Orkut & my friends” have been touched up using this blazing app.