Keep Walking!

As a river meanders between various lands and creates a course, learning many a things; this blog is a reflection of my musings during my ride in the roller-coaster called code. Keep Walking is a collection of all my learnings I have gained as a software developer over the many years. It also is a repo of all the code snippets, open-source frameworks that I have created over time.

Poet Inside

The music of language, intricate rhyme schemes, elegant phrases, vivid images - the art of poetry is enough to inspire many to write it. Poetry is the practice of creating artworks using language. What could be a better way than discovering the music inside yourself than Poetry? Words are the soul of any rythm, any sort of music.

Thought Process - Good to know It

A blog about invoking the though process by looking at various puzzles - started by a dear friend, but more or less dead now.