I recently discovered that a Google Map of Orkut friends aka Friend's Map could be viewed when online. Ya… i know I sound dumb for the feature has been present there on Orkut since Sep 2006, but it isn’t really my fault. As per Google, when the feature is enabled a user gets a new feature notification. But, in my case it never happened.

I was striving hard to find out how to get to the Friends Map network, but it has not been documented at any place. Searching a lot didn’t turn out to be of much help. But finally, using a friend’s help got a short way out:

When you are logged in to Orkut, and you want to view the friend’s map, just change the URL to

http://www.orkut.com/Map.aspx and there you are in front of your real time friend’s network.

Watch my results, :-)

Hope the trick helps Orkut users like me.