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atoi() in Java

Implement atoi() in Java
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Cookie behavior for local pages in Adobe AIR HTML control

Adobe AIR includes the very powerful WebKit engine to render HTML content inside an AIR application. In one of our applications we heavily use this engine to render all sorts of HTML content. Recently, it so happened, that when viewing a local page (an HTML file on disk) the cookies set by the page were not being preserved. At first, it seemed like an AIR/WebKit limitation. Then we tried the Quirks Mode Cookies page for testing various scenarios, storing the file on our local machine.

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Honor the Dead

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Find first occurrence of a string in another

Implement indexOf() method in Java
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Convert a Number (unknown base) to a Base 10 Number

Convert a given number in unknown base to base 10.
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Illegal override of FlexModuleFactory in mx.core.FlexModuleFactory.

Upon merging the recent branch of my current Flex/AIR project to the main line, I received the following runtime error:

VerifyError: Error #1053: Illegal override of FlexModuleFactory in mx.core.FlexModuleFactory.

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Copenhagen Concept

A concept video by Cullen Dudas running on Windows 7 under the code name Copenhagen. User interface designer Cullen Dudas doesn’t work at Microsoft. Yet. But from the looks of this stunning demo of his Copenhagen User Experience design concept, Microsoft might want to hire him before someone else does. Could this be a first look at Windows 8?

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For all the Time Traveller's

What would you do if you could travel back in time?

Assassinate Marilyn Monroe? Go on a date with Hitler?


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Google's own App over Quota on App Engine

Found this interesting piece on scalability: Google’s own application Gone Google launched to answer some of the questions on the benefits of moving to cloud, including the main reason, scalability, is itself running over quota.

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Sparkle is an Adobe AIR application for code highlighting. It does not depend on any webservice, and hence, can be used in offline mode as well. Sparkle uses awesome Syntax Highlighter by Alex Gorbatchev. You can think of Sparkle as a UI front end for Syntax Highlighter.

Sparkle was born of the need to display syntax highlighted code when

  • it is difficult/impossible to include Javascript in the HTML page
  • one rarely paste code snippets and the does not wants to compromise on page load times
  • display code snippets in RSS feeds

Using Sparkle is damn easy,

  • Run Sparkle
  • Paste your code snippet in the text area
  • Choose code language and theme
  • Click on Convert

That simple. Move to the Get HTML Code tab and click on Copy HTML to Clipboard. You may need to include the given style sheets somewhere in your HTML code.

Home Page   
Download   Source (coming soon!)

Sparkle needs Adobe AIR 1.5 Runtime on Windows, Mac or Linux.

Happy Coloring!

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Authorization header in Google Buzz OAuth

While working on an Actionscript wrapper for Google Buzz APIs, I hit a road block while authenticating via OAuth. It seems the OAuth header used when making authenticating requests to other Google APIs does not work when sending to Google Buzz API. Here is a sample of the Authorization header that I used to make it work.

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encodeURIComponent and decodeURIComponent in Java

A very common task when working with Webservices, is to encode/decode specific URI components, and for there is no direct API in Java for the same, it gets a difficult. Below is the code piece that I have been using for quite some time now.

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Astrology: Myth or Science?

Please Note: The post is not meant to offend anyone or to hurt anyone’s belief or sentiments. I put here the various theories/thoughts that I have found on this topic in a single plate, and leave it on to you to make your own choice.


In science, all new discoveries, inventions and innovations bolster the already established facts and laws. They are derived from all previous experimentation and in-line with established rules of science. They do not differ unless one is in contradiction of the other. As an example, the discovery of radio waves by Heinrich Hertz was based on earlier discoveries of electricity and magnetism, made by Newton, Young, Huygens, Faraday, Maxwell and others.

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Change is the only constant!

A wise man once said, Change is the only constant! And today is the day of the change. This blog has a new home,; a new theme with some new colors; and a new name, sangupta.

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Android v/s iPhone

Android doesn’t removes your super-hero :)

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Google App Engine Spin Time

Google App Engine, the cloud offering from Google, has this nice feature of spinning down an instance when there are no more instances to be served for a given application. Thus, say an app X does not receive a request in some time (haven’t found anything on how this time is arrived at), the JVM instance for the application is spinned down (brought down). The term ‘spin down’ seems to have been borrowed from the computer hard-disks that do the same to save energy. With comments all over it seems JVM instances have been brought down with even one minute of inactivity :(

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