I recently attended a training on AJAX and was fiddling with it over the past weekend. In a few hours I was able to move some functionality of my website to AJAX. A thought then cropped up to completely convert my website to AJAX so that for any link or information the user doesn’t need to make a round trip ala GMail. But then, how about the integration of my website with Search Engines? How would I be able to make my site Search-Engine friendly? Would SEO (Search Engine Optimization) be the price I need to pay up for having a nice UI.

Then began my search on Google and just typing “SEO AJAX” fetched me some 33 million links. Wow! I am not the only one interested in such information. Browsing a few links threw me to a plethora of information that has been gathered, written, re-written and published on Internet.

Here are a few links worth mentioning:

  • SEO Considerations for AJAX development
    <p align="justify">It explains the main problems an AJAX developer would face for SEO.

  • SEO for AJAX & Silverlight Applications
    <p align="justify">Nikhil presents a pattern for SEO optimization along with sample code and includes the latest Silverlight technology. A great piece of information for developers looking at real implementation.

  • AJAX & Search Engine Problems
    <p align="justify">Michael discusses a case study where BackBase.com had to make two website version, one in AJAX and the other in plain HTML for Search-Engines. Once you click on any link in the Search Engine link you are directly taken to the AJAX version. Must read!

Hoping to put something good in AJAX soon.