The post shows that Yahoo Mail is gonna give us infinte Email space from May 2007 onwards. You think its a sort of first: NOT REALLY!!! a portal from India, is already making available unlimited size email boxes for the past few months. Even they are not the first. another portal from India, has been giving infinte capacity for quite a long time now. And if you are thinking about what makes them possible to do so, and you are narroowing on the fact that they might not have a large user base, then you might need to think again. Being in India, I know that there is a real large population that uses RediffMail and IndiaTimes Mail.

As somewhere on the Net I read, that most of the users are never using more than 50% of the available limit on both Yahoo and Hotmail, and for Google the figure stands at 40%. (I can’t find the link to the post) So, if we accept the fact then it means that these users are definitely not using their Email accounts for dumping things and/or they are not receiving that much mail.

I am myself a very heavy user of Gmail (before that a very heavy user of Hotmail). But then and now, always I keep checking my account size, and whenever it raises above 1000MB I clean it out. I clean it not because I find the size of account growing, but because so much of forwarded junk and useless messages (emails rendered useless because of time such as reminders etc.) make my account cluttered, and when you are fishing for that unique message, you find yourself stuck up in a junk pool.

Two days later happens to be 1st April 2007, and as the trend has been with Google, they always announce something special for Gmail on this day. I wonder if they are gonna do something same. But can they surpass Yahoo this time? Only time can tell, and I am myself eagerly waiting for things to come out. Best of luck to Yahoo! and Google… and to all us… USERS!!!

Link to Yahoo! Mail goes to infinity and beyond - Yodel Anecdotal