Happy Birthday!

The things we feel the deepest
are the hardest things to say!

And that's what I gotta do
on the year's very special day!

A day specially crafted for us two
with zillion reasons to smile!

Precious moments between me and you
will last forever, not awhile!

God brought us together, my darling
to make me the man, you my only wife!

says the wise, that's the greatest thing
that has and will ever happen to my life!

Come, grow old with me
your hugs are always a charm!

Believe, the best is yet to be
for love keeps our hearts warm!

Oh my lovely beautiful wife
what I feel, words can never convey!

I wish the breath of my life
a very Happy Birthday!

- For my beautiful darling Wife, on her birthday!

One Fine Day

The sun is rising, clear and bright,
winds gushing from all over,
a huge dust storm looms,
its pale shadowing the white.

The road ahead livens hope
despite the traffic's relaxing noise
falling leaves from trees remind
around one, our lives are loped.

Few hours of the lightened dark
dampens the inherent fears
a small window in the bottom right
rejuvinates them to re-embark.

If only one could sense
rains are meant to come close
and not to wither apart
holding one's hands in one's hands.

A misguided choice it may seem
but the truth is concealed
inside the riddle of variance
between doom and deem.

Your Smile

If there ever was a way devised
to quantum how much I love you
and in my arms you could surmise
realizing, it, for sure to be true

No path was ever paved
nor the course ever shown
which may lead to the way
where love herbs are grown

But what love would be
if one were to discover such a path
none but the power demeaned
inviting your inner soul’s wrath

for love is a blessing, not a wile,
whose fragrance can be felt
when looking at me, you smile
the magic making my heart melt!

Happy Birthday!

On this beautiful autumn day
when you wake up to the sun's ray
and a chill in the air's fray
tired of games, the dreams did play

Watch the numen blessed your way
with numerous strewn beautiful leaves
around you are your loved ones
with every word, a blessing who weave

Breathe the aroma of nature mother
dance in the arms of shine anew
embrace the goodness of next year 
where your every wish will be true

Accept these blooming flowers
filled with joy, from random showers
from garden of blessings, I picked them out
grown and nourished, from a tiny sprout

The only thing I'd like to say
to you on your special day
its your friend from far away
Wishing you a Very Happy Birthday!!!

To Live

I'm strong for I know my weaknesses,
I'm wise for I've been foolish,
I'm brave for I've conquered my fears,
I'm clever for I do my heart.

I laugh for I've known sadness,
I sing for I've been quiet,
I dance for I've stood still,
I walk for I've fallen often.

I sleep for the dreams,
I dream for I've hope,
I hope for I'm in love,
I love for, to love is to live.


Time when life is good
time when things are bad
time when everything is worse
time when life seems a curse.

It's not the sin of time
but of the soul of mine
blind to the unmatching rhyme
of life that I played mime.

Time does not halt
time does not speed
time does not turn
time will not mislead.

In our soul lies the craft
of deceit, of game, of greed
the values of your human creed
where honesty will not succeed.

Time will not speak
time is always numb
time will not warn
time won't play the drums.

Then, why time be blamed
for life when cruellest
caused and claimed
by shards of the tempest.

Time will live
time won't die
to tell the betrayal tale
time will surely survive.

I Sail!

Clouds set in, bringing rain and hail
fragrance infects my thoughts
I find myself on a voyage
in the sea of dreams, I sail.

In between our jog on a spring dawn
with my fingers I spoil your hair
breathing the dew wet greens of our lawn
making sure you have no worries or a care.

We sing, laugh and play
away from summer's reach
building sand castles all day
on a beautiful island beach.

Watching trees shed leaf
under the rainbow in fall
a flash of white leaves us deaf
we rush to dance in the squall.

On a cold winter night
we escape snow and storm
in blanket soft and white
holding hands, we feel the warmth.

It may happen with any ray
the voyage ends, dreams shatter
yet, I write these songs today
for they will never weather!


you are the beginning, you are the end
you the fragrance, you my life's essence

a glimpse of you, eases all my pain
your innocence, forces the sun to rain

a journey I make, path hidden from me
I will not falter, the shining star leads me

cloud of doubts hunt, the hope eludes
in those haunting dreams, lie the clues

will never wax and wane, the light of elindir
purifies the heart, in darkness, is my seer

memories I remember, when together we stand
your hand on my heart, induces in strength

to all my promises, I will hold afar
as my heart follows you, Arwen Evenstar!

Tid Bits

One fine day, a friend wrote, *Tomorrow will be bright and will bring new light…* and started it all!

I wake up every day,
in the anticipation of light,
but even searching all lengths,
I still can't find my way!


I wander not for the light
but for the star
which can brighten my life
heal my scars!


Shadows are they
and not dark patches
follow me everywhere
and at times almost catches.

I fight not to be alive
but to live a dream
its the elf queen's halo
that brings me to light.

the fate is bound
of you and me
to the one ring
that cannot be found.

A Little

A little of heart, a little of brain
in little of sun, n in little of rain
painting in zillion colors, thoughts so arcane
alive you bring, the canvas mundane
new heights with every step, you attain
all would agree, with me in fain
meaningful thoughts, your paradise contains
impression of which, in our minds always remain!

Princess Of Egypt

Its not a coincidence but our fate
We met on the magical day and date
Spent time sharing some jokes and laughter
Time flew by, when I wanted it to end never

You are the princess of Egypt and I'm just a man
I want to be with you, I feel astray
I need a miracle how to make you understand
That some numbers won't make me a different man

My thinking may be different in this life
My love will never change, nor will I ever strife
I've put my faith in you and it's not a time for a rest
Even though I did my best I didn't pass your test

You are the princess of Egypt and I'm just a man
I want to be with you, I feel astray
I need a miracle how to make you understand
I'd make you happy but you've to say

Not in a verse, or a line, but an etch
In your style when it suits you best
Engrave in my life the word I expect
magical three-letter wonder called, yes

You are the princess of Egypt and I'm just a man
I want to be with you, I feel astray
I need a miracle how to make you understand
Answer my prayers, for no one else can

Deep inside my heart, every moment I pray
In weather foggy, rainy, bright and clear
Let this happen every single day 
Wake me up as you on my b'day last year!

You are the princess of Egypt and I'm just a man!

~ inspired from the awesome song Princess of Egypt by E-Type.


I write the seventh verse in magical lines seven
to express my love as deep as seas seven
weaving dreams as vivid as colors of rainbow seven
waiting to dance on your voice's magical notes seven
dying to pledge promises seven, along sacred rounds seven, in all reincarnations seven
I vow to be always on your side, as stand the wonders, seven
I am sure you will be mine, for miracles do happen, not only in heaven!

Best of Luck!!!

With these verses I send 
thousand white roses hand plucked
to brighten up your day
wishing you immense luck

O beautiful, listen to my words
time has come to prove yourself up
for you to spread your magical shine
and win the world with your captivating smile

rediscover the parental genetic gift
laugh off your aches and silly ways
you have worked hard for it
and today is your special day

live your heart, speak your mind
hold your confidence right
and am sure, you will twinkle
brighter than the stars bright!

My Un-Innovative Friend

in this (professional) world where smartness is to adapt
to camaflouge; to adjust for personal gains, is considered apt

an un-innovative mind you are, I agree
for it's devoid of any art, craft or polity

in your kindness lies smartness, in deeds, brilliance
a blessed soul you are; gentle, loving and intelligent

believe not your manager, believe not your peers
for what they say is to get loads of work cleared

remember friends, steal some personal moments
in the never ending chase; spread the flagrance

believe in your friends, right is their reason
listen to their thoughts, value their opinion

your mind harnesses thoughts with such magic
term it un-innovative is nothing but comic

and even if I am wrong, and they are true
I am glad to have an un-innovative friend like you!

- for an un-innovative mind.

Happy Birthday!!!

colorful candles on the cake,
a mild blow is what it would take,
waiting for long, family and friends,
singing the universal celebration song.

feel the chill, embrace the weather,
hold your drink, loud say cheers,
to the music in the air, lend an ear,
in your very own day of the year.

remember the beautiful memories,
passing years can never mar,
rejoice the experiences big or small,
that have made you what you are.

time to weave new dreams,
of trekking in white mountains,
of walking in the dark lands,
of rowing the blue stream.

may the morning sun's rays,
bring every happiness your way,
with each passing moment, I pray,
fragrance of winter's makes you sway,
wishing you a very happy birthday!!!

A Promise

Apologies to a friend
whom I have offended
but believe me bud
it was never my intent

its not your hard work
that I try to question
not the way you live
that I try to reason

I didn't mean to be
unkind or rude
it was only an attempt
to create a prelude

a failed attempt to hide
the feelings deep inside
of what can't be described
in words, but only by eyes

Give me one more chance
and never will I say again
words that may annoy
or have shades of nuance

Today I make a promise
A promise I promise 
not to break, not to
repeat the same mistake again!

Love Score

my fall will be for you,
to hold you in the wild. 
my rise will be of you,
when your heart smiles.

in every breath I live,
my love will be in you.
every day, every way,
my heart beats for you.

I lay my life and all faith
in your hands, my dear
if you be the one to cut me,
something will die, I fear.

hold me, love me,
change my stars,
heal my scars, or,
I will bleed forever.

my fall will be for you,
my love will be in you,
if you be the one to cut me,
I will bleed forever!

PS: inspired by Nightwish’s awesome song, Ghost Love Score.

The Hope

Weeks have passed, since I halted in my run.
To lie down and think, away from the burning sun.

All my varied thoughts, why are all the same?
They start and end, revolving at the only name.

The darkness has fallen, storm plays the melody.
The silence that has spread, cannot be broken.

I fight the dark shadows, in search of light.
Awaiting the dawn, in this dark night.

For sometimes, silence, leads to deafness;
Sometimes, even darkness, to blindness.

All my hopes and dreams, now rest in you.
I want to get closer, drifting away, seem to be you.

I pray with prayers, that may melt the heart,
the power and will, of whom, can bridge our part.

Tonight any dream will do, as long as, your fragrance,
keeps the flame burning, of hope, of love of you!

The Longing

The land and air all around us,
devoid of moist, cracked and dry.
Waiting for the rains to come,
to bid the summer good bye.

Staring for countless hours
at the clear skies, every day.
In the hunt for any allusion,
since I walked the demolt way.

Words were conveyed,
but was the feeling?
It makes me feel fret,
about, what's your thinking?

What holds you to reply,
is something I can't decipher.
Do I not hold good on your assay,
or still, am I a stranger?

In words what I could weave,
was only the mark of an etch.
One more chance is what I seek,
to open my heart's sketch.

I am curious to know, if you,
feel the magic as I do.
Knowing what makes you tickle,
will help me the way I woo.

I long for a response,
burning in great ardor.
As all wait for the fragrance,
of earth, soaked in vapour.

To quench the thirst of many,
when will the dark clouds arrive?
The ears are eager for the thunder,
for, we all need a reason to survive!

The Proposal

For the past decade, playing hide and seek,
is a wish, a dream, that had gone meek.
Since that day of vivid college images,
to this day of lonely voyages.

You changed my world with a blink of an eye,
that's something I cannot deny.
You put my soul from worst to best,
that is why I treasure you my dearest.

Your flawless beauty, your baby charm,
elegance, innocence, and the lively warmth.
The oasis you are, bringing in relief,
still ailing and lost in this beautiful belief.

Belief that waits in this world of ours,
for one lone soul another lonely soul.
Each choosing each through all the weary hours,
and meeting strangely at one sudden goal.

Brought chocolates, when should have flowers,
making my first mistake, in that evening hour.
Neither can I blame the ambience, nor the time,
responsibility of spoiling it, was only mine.

Had been waiting for you to ask,
so sudden, the question that came.
Unprepared, I created a mess,
when all I wanted was YOU, to say a YES!

To reveal so, my heart, 
I know is not the right way to start.
Couldn't think of a better way,
for you are so very far away.

Celebrating friendship on this day,
I steal this golden opportunity.
Of requesting to find time, if you may,
and heed to my long concealed plea.

My heart left its dwelling place,
and can return no more.
Like a fragrance, fill my inner voids,
help me make our own lore.

Years will pass, decades too,
I want to spend my whole life through.
With you beside me, till old we grew,
I wanna know, if you would want too?

The Last Nail

when all happiness ends
the clouds of sorrow ascend
when there is no one to depend
all alone you are unable to defend

when memories act as dope
life seems all in mope
when all sounds are a trope
your soul slips in dark's grope

you remember the warmth of embrace
the sparkling smile on her face
the magical charm and grace
missing all those wonderful days

when you were together as one
every moment you lived for fun
you worshiped the power of numen
in belief, the bliss cannot be undone

a day then came, when broken
were the dreams, ground shaken
revealed was her true craft
crying, bleeding you lay bereft

you realize loosing your friends
earning many a foes
finding no way to gain back
what you lost, adds up to your woes

strength had gone, courage was frail
to her last jolt, you failed
sealing your coffin, she
hammered in the last nail!


With a hope in the heart
of working with you all again
have loads of food by the cart
and coffee-sips in the rain.

I now choose to meander
with all your wishes to tread
to make new friends while I wander
on the long road ahead !!!

Once Again

Lying all alone, thinking,
Of your mesmerizing smile,
Dream after dreams, weaving,
Sweet memories I compile!

April had been cruel,
Pushing me into solitude,
Forcing me to elude,
From fighting self, a lost duel!

Days passed by, now eleven,
When I last felt myself lucky,
Then, the Numen from heaven,
Turned this maze all the more tricky!

For you were not here,
Punishing me, even when I didn't err,
The pain of living without you,
Is what I am unable to bear!

Its been long in exile,
Inside me, serene voids remain,
Empower me, Break the chains amain,
Bless me to make all worthwhile!

Oh God, have mercy, ordain,
Let my suffering end, Make it rain,
Let me just once more, pass,
My Elegant Stranger, Again!

Why does it happen, Why?

Why does it happen, Why?
At the peak of your career,
You realize, Time flew by,
Leaving you secluded to cry!

Friends expect you to celebrate,
For them, You just won the toss,
Deep inside yourself, You evaluate,
What you gained, What was lost!

Aloof in the company of many,
Colleagues, Friends and Family,
The Fun, The Excitement, The Wishes,
With every passing moment, Diminish!

You want to be all alone,
To regain your ground,
In the inner emotional cyclone,
Fighting those voices profound!

You find no angel nearby,
To console your bleeding soul,
On whom you could rely!!
Why does it happen, Why?

Search for Salvation

Its been long you have been deary, My heart filled with emotions fiery,
Sometimes you seem a mystery, At times the cause of my misery.

In this quest of life, Enjoying life has been my game,
To catch a glimpse of you, Is now my day's sole aim.

Be it the evening carnival, Or the dining hall, 
The back home travel, Or the leisurely gym stroll.

Aware of my feelings are you, Yet ignorance you pretend,
Playing with your magical eyes, Avoiding me at every instance.

Every corner of my heart, Is now under your sway,
To the Cupid's magic, I had fallen prey.

Whats up your mind and heart, Is one unsolved riddle,
With every smile of yours, The dying flames rekindle.

The only thing I want in this world, Is one chance from you,
But, in my heart I know, Its a wish that will never come true.

Its much more, than said, Only for this sufferer,
Infuse life in my soul, O Elegant Stranger!

Elegant Stranger

I endure the empty lane, fighting my inner pain,
Your thoughts driving me insane, Is it drop of tear or rain?

Since that day in June, across my eyes swims your face,
Smitten by your mesmerizing grace, all night I search you in moon.

I am not me anymore, since ages it seems,
Heartbeats causing an uproar, in breath so lean.

With the first morning ray, remembering the almighty I pray,
An already lost game I play, taking a break at the end of day.

Running here, Running there, Running everywhere,
Always on time but few, to catch that one glance of you.

You have no clue, of the spell she casts on you,
Striking a bond at the first sight, with her eyes so true.

In this journey of life, lonely, I wander,
Desiring your company, as my Elegant Stranger!

Festival of Lights

On this festival of lights, I wish that someday might,
Good wins, Evil fails, Love & Only love prevails.

Lost is the sacred time, When hatred used to fear,
Screams of hope are now what we hear.

In time so tough today, I hope for a new beginning,
When humans pave the way, For a blessed meaning.

We burn in lamp's oil, earned through sweat and toil,
To illuminate the gloom, To defeat the doom.

I pray for you and all, For dreams to come true,
Almighty to shower his choicest blessings, on all & you!

Wishing you and your family a very Happy & Joyous Deepawali!!!

Blueline Bus

Standing in the middle of the road, don’t make such a fuss,
Get to a safer side, before comes the blueline bus!

Police can book errant drivers, vehicles can be impound,
Yet, the charm of big money, has their conscience bound!

Even a hundred deaths, could not shake the minister,
For the one who died, was not his brother or sister!

Hence, killers are back on road, till today 82 out of 87,
Only advice for all of us, look for a safe haven!

Intezaar - Wait!

इंतज़ार !

रोज रोज उन्हें देख कर, उनसे मिलने की तमन्ना रखते हैं !
हाल-ए-दिल कैसे बयाँ करें, इसी की कल्पना करते हैं !!

वोह दिन के चंद लम्हे, बन जाते हैं जिंदगी के हसीन पल !
उनसे गुफ्तगू कब होगी, दुआ करते हैं कल, आज और कल !!

उनकी खुली जुल्फैं, उनकी चुलबुली हंसी !
ठहराती हैं मेरी साँसें, एहसास कराती है एक अजब ख़ुशी !!

दिल को उन्ही की हसरत है, आंखों को उनका दीदार !
जब वोह हमसे दोस्ती करें, उसी लम्हे का इंतज़ार !!

I miss you, Mom!

I just read this poem from one my very good friend: I miss you, MOM! and this is what popped out of my head instantly. Mom, I miss you a lot… please come back soon. I am feeling hungry :)

I can't say why,
The poem made me cry,
It touched my soul,
Reminded me of her role,
Its not the air i breathe,
Inside me her love seethes,
I am what I am,
For behind me stands, my MOM!



Some day in the month of August, a sweet little girl child was born
She was blessed with looks so gorgeous, seemed as if the sun smiled before the dawn

When for the first time, she opened her eyes
Every one was assured, She was an angel in disguise

With lady luck by her bed-side, and a pretty smile on her face
She took the world in her stride, greeted the entire race

Couldn’t ever hurt a soul, had an enticing heart
With looks so majestic, her beauty was an art

She had the power to calm the mind, ease the heart in pain
As August dampens the scorching heat, pours the comforting rain

She could not see anyone in distress, was another white pigeon
One day was deceived by dearest, treasured it in her heart hidden

With tries innumerable, could not forget her past
Wept all alone, as if nothing else would ever last

Asked the divine in solitary, why it was she chosen
Could not understand the mystery, waited for a reply from the numen

With no respite coming to her heart, got herself busy in things too light
Pretending that everything was now in charge, yet crying at the slightest fright

One fine day came an unknown, looked very familiar
Appeared to be friendly, but, enigmatic and subtle in nature

He told her exactly what she wanted to hear, just to throw out her inner fear
In an effort to bring out her original self, he forgot himself

She was now much more fearless, much more confident
But, even now she resisted the very sentiment

He tried to maintain his conduct, but, the mighty cupid had struck
Her face now resembled a dove, he had fallen in love

He tried withstanding the force invisible, endeavoring in vain
At last, started enjoying the pain, accepted that love cannot be bound in chains

One evening, he asked her to be his wife
For her to think, gave the time of his life

She remains merry, was his only desire
Promised himself, never will let die his inner fire

The time seemed to stood still, it didn’t fly
Wandering in this pause, he kept waiting for her reply

Rambling in an impulse, he didn’t keep his own words
The action bore its result his dream was shattered

He will have to forget her, she told him, that it just can’t be
Comfort would come let time be

He mustered up his courage, he didn’t had the strength
For he loved the queen, she didn’t then

In long nights, gazed the empyrean, looking into the moon
Craved to god above, at least she gets her love soon

He found solace in never ending tears, begged god to answer his only prayers
For he didn’t knew, how long would he continue

Her memoirs were enough for him to live, her void to die
All alone in this freezing cold, he had to make a choice

He couldn’t live, how could he stop loving her
He couldn’t die, for it would dishonor her

Wasn’t able to walk the path, was losing his direction
Somehow had to do it, for her words were his religion

Started feeling guilty and helpless, thought of things worthless
Blaming herself for his cause, asked him to be Faust

Days passed, he sensed trouble coming her way
Nothing asked, he warned her keeping himself at stake

For the next few sleepless nights, she cried whole night
God answered her plight, everything got right

She felt special on that special evening, told that she depended on him
Friendship and love were words too small, not to describe the relationship was the best of all

She could have entered a wed-lock, but in between was a dead-lock
Had made a promise before, will marry the person her parents adore

What should he have done is the big question
I leave it to you to end this poem.

Together in the Rain

Getting drenched in the rain
Walking hands in hand
Relieves me of all my pain
Makes me a complete man

Winds playing with her hair
Rain droplets kissing her face
Induces a sparkle in her eyes
Enhances her charm and grace

I wonder when would we be together
The long-awaited first chance
Her voice would be the music
Green grass, the floor to dance

A Man is Born

When a child is born
In this world full of thorns

His incarnation is celebrated
His parents congratulated

But, no one thinks of the agony of the child
Who has no power to speak and smile

Timid in the proximity of unheard
Alone in this world so less observed

He starts instilling in himself
A power to endure the very self

The father infuses mettle
The mother, in him, principle

She teaches him to judge the right
He, to go and fight

To respect and accept life as it comes
In need, to take on the world one on one

The child starts coming to light
Inculcating the capacity to look into the bright

He grows up to be a boy
Leaving his nature of being coy

Breaking every barrier and command
Defying every rule and demand

Starts to experiment with whatever he can find
To solve the quest in his mind

The pledge is not to win or lose
But to keep chasing the wild goose

The journey in the unexplored continues
Until he reaches the life’s blues

For what happened was never thought
For what was thought never ought

The time has arrived
To realize his might

To ponder and to change
As infinity is not the range

He questions the mortal essence
The purpose of his very existence

Unable to quench his thirst for satisfaction
Rambles in the dark forests with desperation

He finds himself trapped in a black hole
Trying to reach for his lost soul

For the first time in his journey
He feels so weak and lonely

He is not afraid to die
But, because he finds no reason to bid good bye

He approaches for friends
Who can help him defend

Against the feelings so dumb
He finds himself so numb

He cries in vain
To ease the pain

Pleading for a helping hand
Yelling in the secluded land

There is no one to lend an ear
To his never ending prayer

Even god does not favor
He keeps losing strength and vigor

Suddenly, an angel enters his life
Which makes him realize

What happened was another long chase
Thick fog enveloping a tricky maze

This was another startling revelation
His life gets a new definition

His resentment has gone
For now, a man is born!