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Google Movies!

Here is another interesting service from Google. Want to know, which movie is being showed in which theater at what time? Just enter your city name and watch all the movie shows with current timings on your screen.

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History of Orkut & chain-Emails!

Chain Emails - Ones that you keep receiving all through the day and wonder why don’t they just land up in the SPAM folder. This morning I received one another: About the Birth of Orkut! I am sure most of you must have read this email for the number of times it has been forwarded is quite large. For those of you, who haven’t, lets ponder over the contents first.

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Exam Time!

Last weekend, I appeared for the SCWCD exam. Before you guys start making any guesses let me make the air clear, I had to appear, I didn’t wanted to. Last year I had bought a coupon for the exam on heavy discount. With the baniya mentality, I had thought of selling it to some one else making a premium over it. But guess what, I ran out of luck. Part due to my laziness, part due to my luck, I didn’t find any buyer. And the 31st March deadline lay approaching. I had no other option but to appear myself, lest suffer a loss of a few grands.

Now choice of exam center. I started calling each and every mentioned Prometric center to book a date. But, the way we Indians tend to leverage advantage over others limited options, is what I stood in front of. Every center was ready to give a date, but as soon as I told them that coupon was expiring on 31st Mar, they declined. A few offered me the weekday slot. I wanted weekend so as not to fail ;)

It seemed I was to loose money, which was my biggest worry. My MOM was after me reiterating that this was to happen when you do things at the 11th hour. Well with a lot of luck wishes from my friends, I finally managed to find a center and book a slot. This time I played smart, I didn’t mention about the expiry date. :)

A week before the exam I pondered over the syllabus and was surprised to find that I didn’t knew 80% of the stuff. Why? Because that was all theoretical things we tend to forget over time. A crash revision course was needed. To add more to my suffering it was UAT and release time, shit, which gave me little time to study. With the advent of IDE’s (Integrated Development Environments) and Intellisense, a lot is taken off developer’s shoulders. This makes them more vulnerable to these certification exams.

A free mock exam website came to help. The website contains many links to free Java certification exams. The only thing I could do was start giving them. What is best with these exams is you can submit the whole exam at the very first question, and then browsing answers for review ;) A trick that saved me a lot of time and generated my reading material. I somehow managed to study 50% of the questions provided, and indeed, it proved really helpful.

The day arrived. I just wanted to save my money. I prayed to the almighty to help me keep up to my reputation of being a baniya. Two hours and I was through the test and a round of revision too. I was sure that I would pass and not flunk. God blessed me and I really did pass. Alas! the exam time was over!

Paise bach gaye!

I feel the test question required more of mugging than application. Under the agreement I cannot reveal the questions per se, but what I can advise others is that leave the IDE for a month and code everything by hand, specially the deployment descriptor and other config files. The deployment descriptor structure is something that can make you look like a first-grade student even with several years of development experience. And yes, going through the mock-exams, will surely add to your success and save you lots of time ;)

If you need any help on the certification, feel free to reach me.

Hope this helps and Best of luck to all aspirants.

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(In)Significance of a DOT/Plus

I had been using GMail for over two and half years now. But, still there are many tricks that you need to learn. It was one such day today, when I came to know the power (or insignificance) of a DOT in the GMail email address. May be I will take an example to start with. My email address happens to be [email protected]. Preventing spammers gain access to email address is so tough ;)

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GMail, Outlook 2007 and IMAP

Since I had bought my laptop, I had not been able to find time to configure my emails on to my email client. Every time I had to use the web mail client and it was a pain for it gets slow, specially when you just need to review your old mails. Finally today I took the plunge and started to configure my GMail account in Outlook 2007. It was a breeze setting up specially with the help of tutorial available on Google here.

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Cross-linking error in Google Code API

A discovery I just happened to make - there is a bug (cross-linking error) in the Google Code API documentation. Check out the page,

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Foliage PowerPoint Template

I have just completed a PowerPoint theme based on the Foliage theme for Wordpress. It has the same color scheme and matching bullet style. The theme is available in formats for MS Office 97-2003 & MS Office 2007 versions. You may read more about the theme here.

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Yahoo! & Jerry

We all hear about Yahoo! - the center of attraction for ground-searching Microsoft in the world of web. The post is not about what is going on these days, or how things would change in the near future.

Here in, I trace back the journey of Yahoo! as it evolved. From the official Yahoo! history page, I came to know that Yahoo! started as the Jerry and David's Guide to the World Wide Web. The name amused as well as stunned me. Why? Three reasons:

  • First, This was a startling revelation as I always thought Yahoo! to be somewhat synonymous of its coming to existence. A term coined up revolving around founders, idea or inspirational sources, with a touch of Japanese funk.

  • Second, Jerry happens to be my favorite cartoon character. Anything that has the farthest linkage to Jerry - the lovely little sweet friend - catches my perfect attention.

  • Third, my first open-source attempt with my friends is also known as Jerry.

Hope this amazes you too!

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A different Captcha for Java developers

A while ago I was just cruising from one website to another, when I came across MJS - A website that provides free Java hosting to developers so that they can go ahead and hone their web application skills.

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Excel - NetWorkDays custom function

Business computations always involve the computation of Net-Work days, and if you are using Excel, you immediately find a solution in NetworkDays function. I have myself used it extensively in my computational work. But, for reasons best known to Microsoft, they have kept this function as part of Analysis Toolpack add-in. Well, to makes obviously no difference as the addin is a part of standard Office shipment. But, when you are developing a spreadsheet to be used by many, you are not very sure whether they have the addin installed/active.

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Excel Workbook/Worksheet protection

Another find of the day. Security and Microsoft seem to be antonyms. And that too so easy. I had been using Excel for many-many years now, but I discovered these holes only day-before. What a fool I have been :(

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Dropdown list from ranges on different sheets - Excel

As the title indicates, the post is all about creating a drop down list in Excel from ranges on different sheets. How is this tricky? Well, first excel allows you to use a single list as a dropdown for cell validation. Second, UNION is not permitted between ranges. Third, a collection can not be used for data validation. Fourth, no custom function/method from VBA can be invoked in the cell validation formula. So this complicates the matter a bit.

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Blogger change breaks Javascript based themes

A recent Blogger update has broken many Javascript Blogger themes. The issue cropped up because of the way we code our Javascripts. Some of us are finicky enough to make them browser-safe for those old muggy browsers which don’t recognize the <script> tag.

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Matrika India!

Life is so busy these days, we rarely get time to pursue our dreams. Ideas keep coming in our minds, we keep planning every small detail, then throwing them into corners of our mind.

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Unicode, Spring and Property files in Java

Handling 0xc invalid character exception in Spring configuration
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IE6 Flicker Problem

Yesterday, I was upgrading the Modified Foliage Theme for Blogger. I had been testing it out in Firefox 2.0 and IE 7.0 for long. This time it was IE 6.0 that I was testing the theme on. The theme almost behaved in the manner expected, except a few DIV issues. After fixing them, my attention diverted to a flicker that was caused in the pull button.

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