Developer, Gamer, Trance enthusiast, and a Poet!

Hi, I’m Sandeep Gupta, a developer working for Adobe Systems based out of Delhi, India. I have spent the last 11+ years professionally building applications that target the desktop, the web, mobile devices and the tablets. I usually work on the server stuff, but am hands-on developing beautiful websites.

Across the site you will find references to what I have done in the past, except my professional assignments. All my code is usually open-source, and can be on my GitHub/sangupta.

Feel free to explore, criticize or abuse. just, Keep Walking!


You may reach me at [email protected], or connect with me on Twitter at @sangupta.

My social presence links can be found in the left navigation menu.


The GPG Key fingerprint is 9127 C67F 5CEE 90F2 EC65 83D1 CE65 932B DD59 F1A9

The 64-bit fingerprint is CE65 932B DD59 F1A9

You can download the raw key from More details can be found in this gist.