For millions of users like me, Windows comes as the default operating system which we get familiar and acquainted with. To use it on your computer becomes more of a standard than a choice, for computer manufacturers don’t offer much systems on other OS platforms, and Apple tends to be too costlier.

On the same lines when I was looking for a laptop last year, I settled for a DELL machine with Windows Vista Home Premium pre-loaded. But today, I realize what a big mistake I made. Don’t worry - not on the part of choosing DELL, but picking up Windows Vista.

Today morning, Windows downloaded and installed an update and then forced me to restart my computer, without any choice, when I did not wanted to. Then it took almost 15 minutes to shut down. At restart it showed me those ugly screens of loading registry entries and files. The screen displayed Installing updates 1 of 3 (0% complete), and then it took another 70 minutes to see the login screen. Once iI authenticated my credentials it took another 15 minutes to load. Now this was frustrating, even after seeing the desktop I could not start any application, and even shut down again. I had already lost 100 minutes of my time, because Windows had installed some silly update which may be I didn’t need.

When my patience left, I did a force shutdown and then a cold start. But to add insult to injury, things remained the same. Another 40 minutes, and I had to cold start my system in safe mode. Thank God, it was not slow this time and in couple of minutes I was to the admin console. Upon looking up for updates that were installed recently, I found the culprit.

Windows Desktop Search 4.0 installed on 4 August 2008. Damn hell, why did Microsoft installed a search system by default on my machine. I don’t need and I hate desktop search softwares for the reason that they make the performance of the machines pathetic. It took me no time to click on the Uninstall button and then restart. Adding weird faces to the injury and insult, it has already been 90 minutes and my system still waits at the screen Configuring updates: 3 of 3 (0% complete).

If only I could get a chance to speak to the Windows Development Team, I would take the opportunity to let them know that their thinking of doing everything on their own creates life’s miserable for users like me.

I already have lost more than 180 minutes (3 hours) of my time due to this and still counting…. :(

Readers, if you could point me to a link where I can file this as a bug, please do let me know, I am more than eager to kick their a**.