A while ago I was just cruising from one website to another, when I came across MJS - MyJavaServer.com. A website that provides free Java hosting to developers so that they can go ahead and hone their web application skills.

As with any usual website even they wanted me to signup. I am lured to test the service and without delay I clicked on the link. The page it led to attracted me to it. The signup form is not like every other. It includes a Challenge.

SignUp Challenge

It requires you to write a simple Java program related to a web application. As you type in the code, it keeps compiling your code, showing the compilation errors. Once, the code compiles successfully, it runs a set of test cases against your code. If all the test cases pass successfully, then only the signup form is enabled.

It was fun attempting the problem which took around 12 minutes to solve. Hope you would enjoy the same. Take the challenge here: MJS SignUp Challenge