A friend of mine was trying to add my blog using the recently released, My Blog List widget, in Blogger. But, an error was being thrown saying no feeds could be detected for the blog. When I gotta know of this I was surprised and a bit upset. One, for my blog could not be added to a blog roll and second, I would not be getting more visitors, doh!

Another worry was to analyze the cause behind it. as I tried it myself and with a few hits and trials, I came to the conclusion that FeedBurner is the culprit here. When you are redirecting all your feed viewers to FeedBurner using the Blogger’s internal setting, the blog feeds are not discovered by the widget. I am not sure what causes this to happen. But, there is a workaround for all,

Just use the complete blogger feed URL for such blogs. For example, if you are looking to add this blog to your list, instead of saying http://azcarya.blogspot.com say, http://poetinside.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default. Just add /feeds/posts/default to the end of all Blogger blogs and you should be able to get it through.

Hope this helps. Keep Walking!