Lying all alone, thinking,
Of your mesmerizing smile,
Dream after dreams, weaving,
Sweet memories I compile!

April had been cruel,
Pushing me into solitude,
Forcing me to elude,
From fighting self, a lost duel!

Days passed by, now eleven,
When I last felt myself lucky,
Then, the Numen from heaven,
Turned this maze all the more tricky!

For you were not here,
Punishing me, even when I didn't err,
The pain of living without you,
Is what I am unable to bear!

Its been long in exile,
Inside me, serene voids remain,
Empower me, Break the chains amain,
Bless me to make all worthwhile!

Oh God, have mercy, ordain,
Let my suffering end, Make it rain,
Let me just once more, pass,
My Elegant Stranger, Again!