Some day in the month of August, a sweet little girl child was born
She was blessed with looks so gorgeous, seemed as if the sun smiled before the dawn

When for the first time, she opened her eyes
Every one was assured, She was an angel in disguise

With lady luck by her bed-side, and a pretty smile on her face
She took the world in her stride, greeted the entire race

Couldn’t ever hurt a soul, had an enticing heart
With looks so majestic, her beauty was an art

She had the power to calm the mind, ease the heart in pain
As August dampens the scorching heat, pours the comforting rain

She could not see anyone in distress, was another white pigeon
One day was deceived by dearest, treasured it in her heart hidden

With tries innumerable, could not forget her past
Wept all alone, as if nothing else would ever last

Asked the divine in solitary, why it was she chosen
Could not understand the mystery, waited for a reply from the numen

With no respite coming to her heart, got herself busy in things too light
Pretending that everything was now in charge, yet crying at the slightest fright

One fine day came an unknown, looked very familiar
Appeared to be friendly, but, enigmatic and subtle in nature

He told her exactly what she wanted to hear, just to throw out her inner fear
In an effort to bring out her original self, he forgot himself

She was now much more fearless, much more confident
But, even now she resisted the very sentiment

He tried to maintain his conduct, but, the mighty cupid had struck
Her face now resembled a dove, he had fallen in love

He tried withstanding the force invisible, endeavoring in vain
At last, started enjoying the pain, accepted that love cannot be bound in chains

One evening, he asked her to be his wife
For her to think, gave the time of his life

She remains merry, was his only desire
Promised himself, never will let die his inner fire

The time seemed to stood still, it didn’t fly
Wandering in this pause, he kept waiting for her reply

Rambling in an impulse, he didn’t keep his own words
The action bore its result his dream was shattered

He will have to forget her, she told him, that it just can’t be
Comfort would come let time be

He mustered up his courage, he didn’t had the strength
For he loved the queen, she didn’t then

In long nights, gazed the empyrean, looking into the moon
Craved to god above, at least she gets her love soon

He found solace in never ending tears, begged god to answer his only prayers
For he didn’t knew, how long would he continue

Her memoirs were enough for him to live, her void to die
All alone in this freezing cold, he had to make a choice

He couldn’t live, how could he stop loving her
He couldn’t die, for it would dishonor her

Wasn’t able to walk the path, was losing his direction
Somehow had to do it, for her words were his religion

Started feeling guilty and helpless, thought of things worthless
Blaming herself for his cause, asked him to be Faust

Days passed, he sensed trouble coming her way
Nothing asked, he warned her keeping himself at stake

For the next few sleepless nights, she cried whole night
God answered her plight, everything got right

She felt special on that special evening, told that she depended on him
Friendship and love were words too small, not to describe the relationship was the best of all

She could have entered a wed-lock, but in between was a dead-lock
Had made a promise before, will marry the person her parents adore

What should he have done is the big question
I leave it to you to end this poem.