Its been long you have been deary, My heart filled with emotions fiery,
Sometimes you seem a mystery, At times the cause of my misery.

In this quest of life, Enjoying life has been my game,
To catch a glimpse of you, Is now my day's sole aim.

Be it the evening carnival, Or the dining hall, 
The back home travel, Or the leisurely gym stroll.

Aware of my feelings are you, Yet ignorance you pretend,
Playing with your magical eyes, Avoiding me at every instance.

Every corner of my heart, Is now under your sway,
To the Cupid's magic, I had fallen prey.

Whats up your mind and heart, Is one unsolved riddle,
With every smile of yours, The dying flames rekindle.

The only thing I want in this world, Is one chance from you,
But, in my heart I know, Its a wish that will never come true.

Its much more, than said, Only for this sufferer,
Infuse life in my soul, O Elegant Stranger!