When a child is born
In this world full of thorns

His incarnation is celebrated
His parents congratulated

But, no one thinks of the agony of the child
Who has no power to speak and smile

Timid in the proximity of unheard
Alone in this world so less observed

He starts instilling in himself
A power to endure the very self

The father infuses mettle
The mother, in him, principle

She teaches him to judge the right
He, to go and fight

To respect and accept life as it comes
In need, to take on the world one on one

The child starts coming to light
Inculcating the capacity to look into the bright

He grows up to be a boy
Leaving his nature of being coy

Breaking every barrier and command
Defying every rule and demand

Starts to experiment with whatever he can find
To solve the quest in his mind

The pledge is not to win or lose
But to keep chasing the wild goose

The journey in the unexplored continues
Until he reaches the life’s blues

For what happened was never thought
For what was thought never ought

The time has arrived
To realize his might

To ponder and to change
As infinity is not the range

He questions the mortal essence
The purpose of his very existence

Unable to quench his thirst for satisfaction
Rambles in the dark forests with desperation

He finds himself trapped in a black hole
Trying to reach for his lost soul

For the first time in his journey
He feels so weak and lonely

He is not afraid to die
But, because he finds no reason to bid good bye

He approaches for friends
Who can help him defend

Against the feelings so dumb
He finds himself so numb

He cries in vain
To ease the pain

Pleading for a helping hand
Yelling in the secluded land

There is no one to lend an ear
To his never ending prayer

Even god does not favor
He keeps losing strength and vigor

Suddenly, an angel enters his life
Which makes him realize

What happened was another long chase
Thick fog enveloping a tricky maze

This was another startling revelation
His life gets a new definition

His resentment has gone
For now, a man is born!