when all happiness ends
the clouds of sorrow ascend
when there is no one to depend
all alone you are unable to defend

when memories act as dope
life seems all in mope
when all sounds are a trope
your soul slips in dark's grope

you remember the warmth of embrace
the sparkling smile on her face
the magical charm and grace
missing all those wonderful days

when you were together as one
every moment you lived for fun
you worshiped the power of numen
in belief, the bliss cannot be undone

a day then came, when broken
were the dreams, ground shaken
revealed was her true craft
crying, bleeding you lay bereft

you realize loosing your friends
earning many a foes
finding no way to gain back
what you lost, adds up to your woes

strength had gone, courage was frail
to her last jolt, you failed
sealing your coffin, she
hammered in the last nail!