I endure the empty lane, fighting my inner pain,
Your thoughts driving me insane, Is it drop of tear or rain?

Since that day in June, across my eyes swims your face,
Smitten by your mesmerizing grace, all night I search you in moon.

I am not me anymore, since ages it seems,
Heartbeats causing an uproar, in breath so lean.

With the first morning ray, remembering the almighty I pray,
An already lost game I play, taking a break at the end of day.

Running here, Running there, Running everywhere,
Always on time but few, to catch that one glance of you.

You have no clue, of the spell she casts on you,
Striking a bond at the first sight, with her eyes so true.

In this journey of life, lonely, I wander,
Desiring your company, as my Elegant Stranger!