Sparkle is an Adobe AIR application for code highlighting. It does not depend on any webservice, and hence, can be used in offline mode as well. Sparkle uses awesome Syntax Highlighter by Alex Gorbatchev. You can think of Sparkle as a UI front end for Syntax Highlighter.

Sparkle was born of the need to display syntax highlighted code when

  • it is difficult/impossible to include Javascript in the HTML page
  • one rarely paste code snippets and the does not wants to compromise on page load times
  • display code snippets in RSS feeds

Using Sparkle is damn easy,

  • Run Sparkle
  • Paste your code snippet in the text area
  • Choose code language and theme
  • Click on Convert

That simple. Move to the Get HTML Code tab and click on Copy HTML to Clipboard. You may need to include the given style sheets somewhere in your HTML code.

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Download   Source (coming soon!)

Sparkle needs Adobe AIR 1.5 Runtime on Windows, Mac or Linux.

Happy Coloring!