Google has finally released the much-awaited Presentations under the Google Documents umbrella. Since April, when Google first announced Presentations I was more than happy, now I could share more content with all my friends. Here is what Google has to say,

Earlier this year, we told you that in addition to documents and spreadsheets, we’d soon be adding support for presentations as well. We know you’ve been waiting, and today we’re excited to invite you to try out presentations for yourself at

Just like Google documents and spreadsheets, presentations are stored securely online, so you can access them from anywhere using only a web browser. Working together with one or more people to put together a killer presentation? Not a problem, just like with documents and spreadsheets, you can collaborate with others and see everyone’s changes in real time. If you’re new to Google Docs, check out this video to learn more:

Now before me lays a lot of work. I would now start converting all my presentations into Google documents - and yes, share them here on Azcarya!

Happy Presenting :)