I was one day pondering over the features provided by Wordpress,. I came across this theme called Foliage. The theme was too cool to catch my attention. I was immediately left searching for a blogger version. If any like-minded person would have done the honors of copy-cat, and to my cheers, YES. I found the copy at http://www.bloggertemplates.org/review/foliage. I downloaded it immediately, but to my disappointment the theme was in the old blogger format.

Hats off for the original creators and modifiers. Thanks a lot!
Theme Name: Foliage
Theme URI: http://www.bloggertemplates.org/review/foliage
Description: Foliage is a modification of a WordPress theme (Foliage v1.02) originally created by Derek Punsalan. Wordpress version of this award winning theme (and psd graphics used) can be found at authors website; http://5thirtyone.com/eyecandy
Version: 0.1
Author: Ali Kuru
Author URI: http://www.acemiblogcu.com
Licence: GPL
Licence URI: http://www.opensource.org/licenses/gpl-license.php
Now the daunting task, of searching for the new version. Days of search ended in a ZERO. Ahh... I would need to convert the theme myself.

I started the conversion a few weeks back, but the hectic schedule of the office makes it difficult. Anyways, it was a free weekend and I have done most of it. There are only some small tweaks left. Hopefully, I would be able to complete them soon too.

Catch a glimpse of the new theme here.

PS: The theme is a modified version of the original Foliage theme. As soon as I am done with complete modifications and optimizations, I would make the theme open to you all.