50 days since I started on this journey, I am glad to say that today I can take some rest. Today, Evenstar reaches its first milestone. Yes, Evenstar is now in running session. And to showcase the same, I moved one of my favorite blogs to be powered by Evenstar. But, the final destination is far away. One day of rest, and then I embark further to make Evenstar, a place where dreams come true.

Go ahead and check out my creations running on my creation. PoetInside, my poetry blog, is now powered by Evenstar.

For the interested, the code is available at https://jerry.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/jerry/JerryNext/evenstar/. Downloadable deployable WAR coming soon!

I want to pen something special for Evenstar, but I can’t resist posting this too, so here are just a couple of them,

Evenstar is a tribute,
tribute to the spirit of you,
I welcome you to Evenstar,
where dreams come true!

And yes, don’t forget to login and see the restricted post feature in action. Hurray!!!