What use writing a blogging system if I can’t use it for my own thoughts, right? And with all the more so into blogging, I can’t expect to start something new. I will thus have to migrate all my blogs to Evenstar, sooner or later. How to do that blazingly fast? Can’t even think of posting each and every post manually - that would be suicidal.

Thus, the only option left is a blog importer. With the option being common in every day’s blogging system, it is all the more easy. Thus, I went ahead and coded a blog importer in Evenstar. Yes, you read it right - to start with Evenstar can now import blogs from Blogger. And it is too simple.

  • Get into Blogger
  • Export your blog as an XML
  • Login to Evenstar
  • Import the XML

And there you have, all the blogs, labels, and comments right into Evenstar. Nothing more to do.

Hope this would help making Evenstar a better system. I know you guys are awaiting it to be available for deployment, just hang on, a couple of more days! I promise!

As always, Welcome to Evenstar, where dreams come true!