This one is going to be a short. A friend of mine did spend some time on PoetInside, which now runs on Evenstar and informed me of three cool bugs which I missed unit-testing.

  • First, that all my apostrophe’s were converted to junk characters. The root cause of the issue lies in the character formatting issues. The XML file exported from Blogger is in UTF-8, and while importing I lost the UTF-8 encoding. Thus, all those somehow were messed up. Anyways, the bug is fixed in the codebase and I shall soon be reimporting my blog to make way for the corrections.

  • This particular bug I am proud to have introduced, as this happens to be a UX (User Experience) bug. In case a post has multiple labels I missed out adding the separating character to the template. Result of waking up late on a Saturday night and that too without intoxication. The good part is that the template can be updated on-th-fly from the admin screen (eeehhh… I have’t uploaded the snaps for admin screen yet) and thus, it now stands fixed.

  • Last but not the least, the bug does not allow a user with permissions to view restricted posts even after signing-in. This seems to be a trickier issue for it works with my account which has been configured the same way, as others. But with some luck..err…bad luck, I am able to reproduce the issue with another account. This one would take some time as the next two days, I would be on a fire drill.

Keep my hands busy with bugs folks! Let’s play code!