It has been over two weeks since the last update on Evenstar. Before everyone thinks that this was just another idea that went down the drain, lemme assure you that its gonna be different this time. Over the last couple of days I have been working hard to finish up the first milestone build with all the features promised in the last post. What I have completed till today is the branding for evenstar, along with the major features. I still have to wire some security code here and there, along with some nice little tweaks to the look and feel itself. Till I tie all this stuff up, you may take a look at the full size version of branding here.

You might noticed the words myJerry</b> in there, yes, thats the abode where evenstar will reside. What is myJerry? It needs some more time before I jot down on the same. And this time I will not go to sleep, this time I will leave no stone unturned to make my dreams come true, for my prayers to go unanswered. For this is the time to do or there is no option to die ;)

Let me know what you think on evenstar, and I promise, evenstar shall start lighting your dreams very soon!

PS: The font used is Diavlo, courtesy Jos Buivenga.