Finally, my dream has started taking its shape. As promised in my earlier post, here comes the first preview of Evenstar. Catch evenstar live at The blog system in general is fully functional with some of the features pending wiring, and a few nice touches remaining, including building a beautiful but fast enough theme.

For the curious the following still need to be perfected. Any help on the same is most welcome.

  • Importing from Blogger is still somewhat broken
  • Email service is not yet wired
  • Feed service is not yet done - so no feeds from the blog
  • Performance Optimization - we still make a lot of DB hits which can be reduced.
  • Security is another area, where I need to work upon

Go ahead guys, try it out and let me know of issues you find. You may download the code for GAE and deploy it yourself. Code can be found at The code makes use of GAE SDK 1.3.0 and runs using Java 6. I have not tested this with Java 5, but it should work. Anyhow, with GAE supporting both Java 5 and Java 6, it should be a problem.

Wishing all a very Happy and Prosperous, year 2010!

Welcome to Evenstar, where dreams come true!