Today, it was the first glimpse of monsoon showers in Delhi. Today, also marks 11 months since the time I last blogged. It’s not that I haven’t been coding, but my efforts were concentrated to ship many small or large applications both at work and personally. As the weather changes today, even I change my course today and come back to the blogging world.

As the first thing I did today, was work on a sample application that allows you to download media files from Songs.PK site via the command line. The application was a hands-on in using JSoup HTML parsing library to see if we can find data inside HTML files. Completely written in Java, the application can run on almost all major platforms including Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Solaris.

Downloading a song only requires one to know the first few initial characters. Once entered, the user is presented with a list of all movie titles available that start with the same initials. The user can choose one title from amongst the list, which will then download all songs from the album on to the local disk. The files are grouped by album name, and the files stored with name as it appears in the HTML page. If the files have already been downloaded, the application will skip downloading them.

Also, in case something fails and there is a possibility of downloading the media with a RETRY, the application will say so on the console. You may download the application from

As always, the code for the application is open-source, and available on my GitHub page at The code is licensed under the academic Apache License Version 2.

Disclaimer/Warning: The application is not meant to download media files for piracy. The application usage is only meant to learn how to use JSoup library along with the Jerry framework to simulate user behaviour on the internet. Downloading and/or using the application, the author of the application is absolved of any risk, damage, or any consequence thereof. The user does so at their own risk.