PS: This is in response to an IT Manager’s question on me being a Civil Engineer by choice.

The power to observe, perceive and act has elevated man into a class of his own. This god gifted ability has led him to cause change within and around himself.

Change - as they say is the only thing that is permanent. This unquenched thirst for change is the sole spark that drives one to create the world around into a home fit for coexistence of all.

God being the master sculptor has provided all the sources and amenities but in cocooned state. The power to reach out, to metamorphose the resources into useful, fruitful and healthful objects has been bestowed upon only a privileged few.

The air we breathe, the water we drink, the roads we drive on, the bridges we cross, the home we all so love, the life we live, the environment we value is all indebted to those pioneers and fore runners who have exhausted their all for changing just mere existence to living.

Today the life we live is due to the dream that an engineer had seen. The dream to create fire, to make a wheel, to build a house, to cultivate a field, to raise a family is all an engineers vision.

What he dares to dream is unheard of, what he imagines and hopes to achieve is beyond ones wildest imaginations. The engineer who builds a wheel for transport, needs a road for plying. The one who invents electricity, needs transmission setup. He who casts metals for mankind needs a refinery to be set up. From telephone signals to Information Technology laying and setting is a prerequisite.

The water we use for our fields, the electricity harnessed by dams, the bridges bridging our gap, the solid foundations upon which you make your home, the mighty walls that withstand the nuclear reactions, the laying of cables over and below the mother earth, are all conceived by none but one and that one is none but a CIVIL ENGINEER.

Remember, all seven wonders of the world, are civil engineering marvels.