New York Times released a Times Reader which makes reading online newspaper fun and exciting. Times Reader enables a user to read New York Times without a web browser. This might not look like a big change considering the fact that NYT is already available on web via a browser, but, the sparkling difference is the compelling and commanding interface. And yes, for those who might not have picked it up, Times Reader is a desktop application. Yes, it is !!!

Times Reader makes reading news worthy as the interface is built specifically for the purpose. Again there is no need to wait for page refreshes to get updates, Times Reader would itself refresh the contents continually, without any user input. It keeps displaying the last updated time in the top right corner, can browse through pages, and user clicks for details on a story take them directly with a nice transition effect, creating that Wow effect.

Here is what I saw on my first run,

Try it and let the world know of your opinion.

Unlike its predecessor, Times Reader 2.0 is built over Adobe AIR technology which enables it over Windows, Macintosh and your favorite flavor of Linux, as opposed to the earlier WPF version that was restricted to Windows.

I wish something similar is developed by the Times of India, for they already have an e-paper edition which kind of sucks. Rise India, leverage technology to show prowess to the world.