Life is so busy these days, we rarely get time to pursue our dreams. Ideas keep coming in our minds, we keep planning every small detail, then throwing them into corners of our mind.

Same with me, posts lurking in the draft mode, thousands of lines of code waiting to be checked in, many emails to be replied to. Today, as I put finishing touches to one my latest projects, I hope to get more time to pursue things pending.

Now to the project, MATRIKA India! MATRIKA India, is a NGO (Non-Government Organization, for dummies) involved in preservation of traditional birth knowledge. MATRIKA, short for Motherhood and Traditional Resources, Information, Knowledge and Action; stands to spread the traditional knowhow and act as a knowledge repository. You may click here or here to know more about what they do.

The site has been up for the past 8 months or so. Initially it catered to static content, but going forth from here, it would cater better to the users needs. We now have an integrated search, user registration, feedback, and yes, more about the books, literature and video clips to cover the subject. The site has been updated with many more articles, research papers, video clips for you to read, watch and download. We hope that this would help in generating much more interest on the subject.

The challenging part of this project was ASP.NET. This is the first website that I have put together in ASP.NET. Prior to this my whole development world was around Java, or using .NET to develop desktop applications. Putting up an integrated search engine was a challenge, as there are practically no code examples that integrate using a crawler and search engine for a web application. I am more than happy to have been successful with that.

So go check out: MATRIKA India, and drop in a line or two for me to know, as to how we can improve your experience on the website.