When reading file contents, or working with REST requests, many a times we want to read a String object line-by-line, that is, read lines within a single String object. Java does not offer a simple solution to the same - either you convert the String object to a byte[] and then use ByteArrayInputStream or use a StringReader and then push this into another line-by-line reader.

For the same, I wrote a simple utility class, StringLineIterator (available in jerry-core project) simplifying reading of lines to the following code snippet:

String contents = "..."; // some contents that contains new-lines, and form-feed characters

StringLineIterator iterator = new StringLineIterator(contents);
while(iterator.hasNext()) {
  String line = iterator.next();

  // do something with this extracted line

This helps us reading sub-string lines from contents and reduces boiler-plate code. Note that this implementation would use extra memory to the extent of each line, as it creates a new String object for each line that is read via the iterator.

Hope this helps.