All web developers need an HTTP server to test their code snippets every other day. If one is using OSX it is as simple as running the following in shell:

$ python -m SimpleHTTPServer

If someone is using NodeJS and have http-server installed, it becomes easy as:

$ http-server

However, for Java developers like me, it may get nasty. Either you installed python or NodeJS just for the purpose. Using something like Apache HTTPD or nginx becomes an overkill, as configuring them itself takes a couple of minutes.

Faced with this issue, I wrote a simple HTTP server in Java, that can be executed in any given folder to host the same on HTTP. The following features are available:

  • Support for index.html and index.htm
  • Support for weak ETags
  • Support for directory listing
  • Support for correct MIME type for many common file extensions
  • Support for If-Modified-Since header
  • Support for returning a HTTP NOT_FOUND for hidden files
  • All features can be enabled/disabled using configuration flags

The latest binary can be downloaded directly from the following link:


MD5: 7452a7b0653544a7d270df06e47c4a06
SHA1: 124197a24c2256e0f0bd36f8923809aa1292b198

For usage information and older binaries, please refer to the Github page at

Hope this helps!