Am happy to release the very first version of a command-line development tool that I had been using for years for my own consumption: CodeFix - the tool helps perform some minor code refactoring tasks via a command line interface such as adding/updating copyright headers, removing trailing spaces in files, fixing file encoding, adding an empty line-ending to text files and moreā€¦

Some quick and dirty examples on what could be achieved are:

# add/update copyright
$ java -jar codefix.jar addcopy -r -f COPYRIGHT.txt -p *.java c:\code

# update line endings
$ java -jar codefix.jar ending -r -p *.txt c:\docs

# remove trailing white spaces
$ java -jar codefix.jar rtrim -r -p *.java c:\code

# change file encodings
$ java -jar codefix.jar encoding -r -p *.txt -s ISO-8969 -t UTF-8 c:\textdocs

You may download the binary or may take a dive into the source code.

Hope this helps.