The number of spams I have been receiving on my blog is increasing day and night. It may be easily attributed to the steady decline in the legitimate comments. A few of the spam messages are in Chinese/Japanese, where a sequence of dots is displayed in the comment message. Upon using Google Translate one is informed that the message is nothing but cheap publicity of a worse cheap site. Blogger does not have a built-in spam protection for comments, and thus, it made me more inclined to have one in Evenstar.

Thus, I went ahead and integrated the first comment-spam protection in Evenstar, via Akismet. This would only be the first integration end-point for I intend to provide end-points to other services such as Mollom soon. This should allow the Evenstar administrator’s choice over which service/pricing model to use.

Another feature that comes to mind is an auto-translated view of the comment. Thus if you receive a message in, say, Chinese on your blog, when previewing comment before approval, one should also have a quick way to translate and see what it means in English. With Google Translate having an API for programmatic translation, this seems feasible. Thus, this becomes the next idea a plan to have in Evenstar.

Drop in your comments for any other feature you would like to see in.

As always, welcome to Evenstar, where dreams come true!