In one of my previous posts, I had discussed about how Cyclomatic Complexity can help developers/programmers find out the health and wellness of their code. It also helps the test writers by guiding them with an ordinal numbers with the number of test cases needed to test each logical flow.

I then started looking for something that could have given my CC details for each class/method in a Java Project. As “open-source” is the buzz word today, my search was limited to “open-source” project. JavaNCSS computes the CC metrics for a given Java project for every class, for every method and that too blazingly fast.

The reported metrics comprise of the number of classes and methods a package has, the number of Javadocs present, its CC, the average metrics per method, per class etc. The beauty of the JavaNCSS is the capability to set the threshold limits for every parameter it analyses. If the threshold limit is exceeded, JavaNCSS can raise a warning message.

Another beauty is its easy integration with ANT, the build tool for almost all Java projects. A GUI is also available for those who are more used to using the mouse than the keyboard.

Catch JavaNCSS here, and its ANT task here.