Azcarya is a sanskrit word that as per Capeller’s Sanskrit-English Dictionary means strange, miraculous; wonder, prodigy.

Why Azcarya? I chose Azcarya as the blog name, for one the word Blog to me seems strange. I personally don’t like the word blog, but there are always few downside to every good thing. Miraculous, for whosever the person was behind inventing this way of push-button publishing and extreme acceptance by the society is really miraculous. Wonder because it has caught the society with such a craze, and prodigy, for it is an excellent way to share information with the word.

In other words, it is in no way related to me. I was looking on for a good catchy name for the blog, and kept on searching for every catchy name I could think of, for its availability on blogger, I was then disheartened. Then while doing some general browsing I found this word Azcarya… and its meaning simply stunned me. So just stuck to the word.

Hoping to stick to this for a some time.