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nutz is yet another Markdown processor for the JVM. It is a handcoded parser that generates an Abstract Syntax Tree before emitting the final HTML code. It may make use of Pepmint to support code highlighting in mentioned language.

The need for nutz arises from the fact that none of the available Markdown processors for JVM have the following characterstics:

  • Generates an AST of the parsed data
  • Easily extendable and customizable
  • Is not regex-based
  • Is fast enough
  • Is as low-weight as possible

pegdown uses PEG grammar which is difficult to extend and passes 21 of 23 Markdown tests. Actuarius and Knockoff are written in Scala and use regular expressions for parsing. txtmark passes only 20 of 23 Markdown tests

Markdown tests are benchmark tests as laid by Daring Fireball.

Links to alternative implementations are provided below.


  • Support for standard Markdown syntax per Daring Fireball suite
  • Suport for PHP fenced code blocks
  • Support for Github-Flavored fenced code blocks
  • All 23 tests pass


nutz is not the first or the only-one around in the arena. Other Markdown processors available for JVM are:


The library is released under the terms of Apache Public License Version 2.

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