jerry framework provides much of the common functionality that is used in a standard Java application like checking for application updates, providing template classes for CRUD operations with MongoDB, working with Quartz scheduler, and utility classes to work with HTML, cookies, JSON, XML, reflection, URIs, web and much more.

The project is built upon the following jerry module libraries:

  • jerry-core: core functions and utility classes
  • jerry-http: core helper classes to work with HTTP requests
  • jerry-web: core helper classes when building Java web applications


  • Collection of utility classes
  • Powerful HTTP framework for handling web requests
  • OAuth client and server side filters
  • MongoDB abstract class for writing CRUD operations on objects with single line of code
  • Quartz scheduling framework
  • Basic security framework classes
  • Basic batching framework
  • Base62 encoder for 64-bit integers


The library is released under the terms of Apache Public License Version 2.

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