httpd` is a simple HTTP server for development that serves the directory from which it is run over HTTP. Directory listing and proper MIME types are supported.

The reason I wrote httpd was simple: When using windows machines I do not have to install python or nodejs to run a simple server. For me, Java is always there on the machines. Also, in some of our Linux environments we do not have the ability to download and run nodejs - in such environments running a HTTP server via command line to just transfer files, makes it very easy.

Been using it for a few months now and works for me. Some of the things I use this for:

  • transferring huge files (in GBs) between machines
  • testing my blog
  • testing prototypes that are static HTML/CSS/JS files
  • and some moreā€¦


        httpd - A simple vanilla HTTP server for local development

        httpd [(-h | --help)] [(-nc | --noCache)] [(-ndl | --noDirList)]
                [(-ne | --noEtag)] [(-ni | --noIndex)] [(-nl | --noLogs)]
                [(-ns | --noSniff)] [(-p <port> | --port <port>)] [--path <path>]

        -h, --help
            Display help information

        -nc, --noCache
            Return all files with a no-cache header for browsers. Default is

        -ndl, --noDirList
            Do not show directory listing

        -ne, --noEtag
            Do not generate the weak ETAGs

        -ni, --noIndex
            Do not show index page by default

        -nl, --noLogs
            Do not show any logs when serving request

        -ns, --noSniff
            Add a `X-Content-Type-Options: nosniff` header to all responses

        -p <port>, --port <port>
            The port to run on. Default is 8180.

        --path <path>
            The directory to run the server on. Default is current directory.


The binary can be downloaded directly from:


MD5: 7452a7b0653544a7d270df06e47c4a06
SHA1: 124197a24c2256e0f0bd36f8923809aa1292b198


MD5: edbc6d3fd27265d3183f71feb98a100c
SHA1: e1d5fa9676466651294263d40196c48d2ae69bb8


MD5: 7feeb06d6505313d381d3d3c4c53ba08
SHA1: 20fa6d9a0e7dea2a329f14bdebe305fda829a40d


The library is released under the terms of Apache Public License Version 2.

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