HAR file reader, writer and viewer.

har is a library for reading and writing HAR files directly. The need for building another library arose from the fact that all other implementations use, jackson JSON parser, whereas I needed to use Google GSON library for parsing. As a library it also includes many convenience methods to working with the HAR model instance.

har is also a command line application that can be used to view the HAR files offline, either on the console or inside the browser. Every other known tool currently requires you to either go online, or install a browser extension or run a PHP (or another) server.

har is also a set of utilities that help in working with files, like extracting specific pages or request, or viewing the response.


Reading a HAR file is as easy as:

// via a file
Har har = HarUtils.read(new File("~/test.har"));

// via a string
har = HarUtils.read(" { .... HAR as string } ");

// via a reader
har = HarUtils.read(new FileReader(new File("~/test.har")));

// via a JsonElement
har = HarUtils.read(harJsonElement);


The library is released under the terms of Apache Public License Version 2.

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