Digg Reader Dump

digg-reader-dump is a command-line tool to take dump of your Digg Reader account.


Digg Reader does not allow me to take a dump of all my data, except the OPML file. My saved articles, my diggs etc - neither it provides me a way to search in them. Thus I wrote this tool in my spare time to dump all of them for me, and probably allow me to search in them in future.

Thus, I wrote this command-line tool to do the same for me.


To dump all saved articles

$ digg saved -c <the cookie value>

To export an OPML of all subscriptions

$ digg subs -c <the cookie value>

The following commands are available:

usage: digg <command> [<args>]

The most commonly used digg commands are:
    all       Dump all articles
    diggs     Dump digged articles
    help      Display help information
    popular   Dump popular articles
    saved     Dump saved articles
    subs      Dump user subscriptions

See 'digg help <command>' for more information on a specific command.


The library is released under the terms of Apache Public License Version 2.

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