Bloom Filter

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bloomfilter is a pure Java Bloom Filter implementation that provides simple persistable bloom filters. The entire bloom filter is abstracted into various layers so that the same can be changed by pure plug-and-play implementations such as decomposing an object to a byte-stream, or the hash function to be used, or the serialization strategy to be used.

Why another Bloom Filter implementation?

bloomfilter was developed as I was looking for a fast persistable bloom filter implementation that could be customized to suit needs. The Google Guava bloom filter for few reasons cannot be persisted well, does not provide for a disk-backed bit array implementation, missing a counting bloom filter and last not the least the size of the payload. Many of my modules/projects did not need Guava and adding it just for using the bloom filter was coming out to be expensive. Thus, bloomfilter was born.

The bloomfilter is inspired by the Guava bloom filter implementation and uses a similar approach, with more extensions baked in.


  • Uses pure Java murmur hash implementation as default hash function
  • Various persisting methodologies - Java serialization, disk file etc
  • No dependencies

Other Similar Projects

Google Guava


  • As explained before, is heavy.


  • Does not have a persisted version of a BloomFilter
  • Does not have a Murmur3 implementation


  • The persisted bloom filter does not use memory-mapped files, rather the slower file-seek-change-repeat workflow.
  • No Murmur3 implementation


The library is released under the terms of Apache Public License Version 2.

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