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Windows Shell and Wildcard Command-line argument resolution

Problem: Windows Shell parses any wildcard path arguments that you supply over the command line, before passing the arguments to the actual program that has been invoked.

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Introducting Java based HTTP server

Introducing a new HTTP server that can be used by Java developers for simple development needs.
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Building a REST Server using Jetty

Today, most of the enterprise applications are distributed. And this also calls that the various components communicate with each other either using a Message Queue or via REST services. I have seen people still building Java web applications that are eventually deployed in a container like Tomcat. This is actually over engineering.

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Songs Downloader

Today, it was the first glimpse of monsoon showers in Delhi. Today, also marks 11 months since the time I last blogged. It's not that I haven't been coding, but my efforts were concentrated to ship many small or large applications both at work and personally. As the weather changes today, even I change my course today and come back to the blogging world.

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Change Eclipse Juno UI to match Eclipse Indigo

Some of the Windows users, like me, who have switched to Eclipse Juno (Eclipse 4.2) might not have liked the theme that ships as default. Specially, the piece around the toolbar backgrounds, the code editing theme, the absence of left border along side line numbers, and the overtly flashy UI containers.

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Pepmint now in Maven Central

I am pleased to announce the immediate availability of Pepmint, a Java wrapper over the Python Pygments library in Maven Central. Use the following to include it as a dependency,

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Saving HTML5 canvas to Java server

If you are working with HTML5 Canvas element and are looking to save the generated PNG file back on to the server via Java - it is not as easy as saving the byte array. The reason that the generated PNG data is URL encoded and is prefixed with the dataURI format headers.

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Trim down HTML content to desired text length

Given some HTML code, trim it down into valid HTML code that contains text of desired length.
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Merge different SCM snapshots

This post is about MergeRepo a small script that allows to merge two different snapshots of the same repository from different SCMs into one.

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Introducing as3dribbble - ActionScript Client Library for

I am happy to announce the availability of as3dribbble, an ActionScript client library for working with APIs. The library is strongly-typed, pagination-aware, and rate-limit aware for accessing all the current APIs. The library also exposes a convenience class called DribbbleInvoker that may be used to add more APIs (should they get added in future and this library looses track). The invoker is rate-limit safe.

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I maintain the following two blogs as this is where my heart lies:

Keep Walking!

As a river meanders between various lands and creates a course, learning many a things; this blog is a reflection of my musings during my ride in the roller-coaster called code.

Poet Inside

The music of language, intricate rhyme schemes, elegant phrases, vivid images - the art of poetry is enough to inspire many to write it. Poetry is the practice of creating artworks using language. What could be a better way than discovering the music inside yourself than Poetry? Words are the soul of any rythm, any sort of music.

In the past I have also contributed to the following blogs:

Thought Process - Good to know It

A blog about invoking the though process by looking at various puzzles.

Coding Challenges

When free I do attempt to solve some of the coding challenges that keep happening and below is the list of all the ones that I have completed along with the complete source code to the solutions.

Open Source

I try and do my bit in the world of open source - code pieces that are reusable or build tools, libraries and systems that can directly be used. The following are the projects that are mature and have some complete functionality to be used:


A developer's mind is always drifting where new ideas keep flowing. Following are some of the experiments/prototypes of tools, libraries and systems that I have made at such times in the hope that one day they will grow up to be of use to someone. For now, they are open for anyone to help raise them.